My "Hautnah" (eng; Skin Touch) Artist Statement

I have designed art in this exhibition for the blind and voiceless to help raise awareness of their perspective. Hautnah represents for me art that makes contact; with the mind and with the hands. I am presenting a product line of hand worriers (handschmeichler) to be explored with touch and a series of cards commemorating the Aasee Katastrophe, to be sold soon in Münster shops.


I believe that people with disabilities and disadvantages are strong because they have many challenges to overcome. A moment in time divides us from their perspective, their life. A moment in time can bring irreversible change and force us to adapt. 10 years ago in Ireland, I was originally inspired to explore this type of art after a friend of mine was blinded in a terrible accident. I wanted to make something that he would love. I am displaying the ceramic pieces in visual form to the visitors of the exhibition and (aktion) holding an event where the blind (sehenbehinderte) can see(or feel? See is like a metaphor, don’t know if it makes sense) the original works with their hands.

The Aasee catastrophe in August 2018 last year deeply affected me. The fish had no voices, couldn’t ask for help and the city desperately tried to save them. As human beings we have so much power, possibility and we are connected to nature in so many ways. It made me think of Ireland and the Tolka River near Dublin. In Gaelic, Tolka means flood and the river had been flooding repeatedly, endangering the homes on its banks. 10 years ago an environmental engineer had the river dug out and widened so it wouldn’t flood again till at least 2050. The bridges and structures were reinforced and strengthened to deal with the yearly increasing volume of water and environmental lakes were installed. The river never flooded again and last seen in 1910, Salmon swam up the river again to spawn. It is my dream that Münster works together with environmental engineers to make the city

more livable and welcome to its many animal inhabitants.

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