A bit of info about me and my art business

I am an Irish born artist originally from the Wild Atlantic Way, Co. Clare. I am situated in the wonderful little German city of Münster. It is the bike capital so I always communte by bike, I even have a bike trailer used to transport supplies and bring artwork to the kiln.


In my business key factors are environmentally friendly products, inks, production of art as well as promoting a deeper connection to nature with prints that show facts and information about the nature around us.


The ink I use is a non toxic called Caligo with a few drops of linseed oil and can be washed with soap. The prints are made using my printing press or the sheer power of my lady arms. Prints and ceramcs are made always with the thought: How can I make something valuable in the long term? I do limited editions only with monoprints which are unique pieces or with prints that are individually coloured and one of a kind.


I hate to see materials going to waste so I also sell recycled materials like my stickers reclaimed from waste material. I offer freebies [here] for you to download and enjoy; prints of fish, animals, plants to stick on cereal cartons, cut out and decorate your home or work. All I ask in return is to remember me and my work, share the PDFs with others as well as the facts contained within. They are designed for the young and young at heart.


There is great power in Art and even greater empowerment in the enjoyment of it. From a simple picture of a fish a window can be opened to learn about it and appreciate it. This might start a journey of becoming a fishing enthusiast, an explorer of nature or might open door of understanding that nature is all around us, it is ours to enjoy. The richer Nature is in resources, the richer are we.


If you want to read more about my writing, thoughts and ideas click [here]